26AVIATION helps fight against pandemic with multiple flight charter project

26AVIATION has successfully completed a multi-flight charter programme delivering critical covid-19 medical products to the UK, helping fight the ongoing battle against the coronavirus pandemic.

The charter flights, which operated between Frankfurt, Germany and Bournemouth, UK, took place between February and April 2021 during the UK’s second wave. The flights were carrying diagnostic reagents, which are the critical component within the UK’s lateral flow test kit programme that detects the virus.

Due to the ongoing need for this type of product worldwide, shipment sizes were not known until just before each flight. Strong demand for freight aircraft during the second wave meant that finding a suitable aircraft within such a timeframe that met the customer’s financial requirements was extremely challenging.

26AVIATION was awarded the project due to their ability to provide short-notice, creative charter options regardless of the shipment size, within the budget and timeframe required. This involved ongoing analysis of live aircraft availability, tentative bookings, and backup options in case of last-minute changes.

Extensive planning took place with each carrier that was contracted to ensure every cubic meter of volume available in the aircraft’s cargo hold was maximised, so that the project remained operational viable, as well as economically efficient.

In all 26AVIATION provided aircraft solutions using 5 different carriers over a 3-month period, all of which were contracted just a day or two before each flight, emphasising the charter specialist’s ability to provide innovative solutions at short notice, and under high-pressure situations.

Not only that, 26AVIATION also ensured that the charters were overseen by flight managers who supervised the offload in UK, to ensure the entire operation completed without any disruptions, from start to finish.


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Launched in 2020 by its founder, cargo charter expert and life-long aviation enthusiast Sam Heather, 26AVIATION has grown rapidly from a small start-up to a multi-million dollar company, thanks to its intelligent and creative approach to aircraft sourcing.

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