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26AVIATION successfully completes passenger-freighter charter

Global air charter specialist 26AVIATION has successfully completed a Boeing 787 passenger aircraft cargo charter from Europe to the United States on behalf of its valued customer.

The ‘pax-freighter’, which was carrying urgent automotive components urgently required in the USA, operated an 11h 32m non-stop flight from Madrid, Spain to El Paso, Texas carrying lower deck cargo only.

26AVIATION’s Founder and Managing Director, Sam Heather commented that the charter flight was not a standard run-of-the-mill operation:

“Our customer approached us with an urgent requirement to transport just over 5.5T of urgent, high-volume freight from Madrid to El Paso on a go-now basis. Whilst a number of pax-freighter carriers regularly serve the likes of Dallas or Houston, operating into either of these airports would result in the critical cargo missing its production deadline near to El Paso. With a 7-day lead time for passenger freighter carriers to operate into a new airfield, we were left with very few options.

However, our creative and problem-solving approach helped us secure an aircraft that was available to operate the charter flight, as long as 26AVIATION could support them with sourcing suitable handling in El Paso for the Dreamliner, as the airport was an off-line station that the carrier had never operated to before. Having already operated a charter flight into ELP late last year, we were able to leverage our network of contacts in Texas to establish suitable ramp & terminal handling for the aircraft, and subsequently helped secure the handling on the carrier’s behalf.

Not only that, but the freight had to be repacked and reduced in height to maximise the volume of the Dreamliner’s cargo compartment as well as allowing lower-deck loading, which was completed under ours and the carrier’s supervision.

All of these complexities were arranged and completed on a time-critical, go-now basis and the aircraft was operating within a few short days from first receiving the enquiry. The charter operated without a hitch and the customer’s delivery requirements were met, thanks to the hard work and perseverance of both 26AVIATION and its valued airline partner”

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