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AOG Charter Recovery – how this service adds immense value to aircraft operators

This article was originally published June 29 2020 on our previous website, and has since been moved here.

In this article, we take a closer look at the value that an AOG charter specialist can bring to airline operators. Currently, airlines around the world are taking to the skies again, after the hiatus brought about by COVID-19. As aviation accelerates, we encourage airlines to rethink the role that AOG charter recovery services play in this industry. 

Although these service providers exist primarily to resolve unforeseen AOG situations, we encourage airlines to view AOG charter specialists as long-term partners who can add further value to the overall operation through specialist consulting and expertise in the wider realm of commercial aerospace.

The role of AOG charter providers in commercial aviation

AOG charter recovery services involve resolving any issues, in the shortest time possible, that could potentially delay or ground an aircraft. As any airline knows, encountering difficulties on board is part and parcel of being a player in the aviation industry. Difficulties can range from technical malfunctions, part replacements or crew shortages.

An AOG charter specialist has the expertise, knowledge, and network to resolve these issues as quickly as possible, by transporting parts, components, engineers, or flight crew to the stranded aircraft. Although using a charter service is commonly the most expensive way to move personnel or cargo, it is by far the swiftest way to get your aircraft flight-ready, thereby avoiding the greater costs associated with having an aircraft on ground.

The obvious (and not so obvious) costs of an Aircraft on Ground

First and foremost, AOGs disrupt an aircraft’s itinerary and its operating crew’s schedule. Additionally, frequent AOGs are a main ingredient in the recipe for “disgruntled passengers” and repeated delays and cancellations are likely to cause reputational damage over time.

Each one of these disruptions comes with a financial outlay for an airline. The following table highlights some of the main costs associated with grounded aircraft.

The obvious cost of an AOG versus the hidden cost of an AOG

Obvious Cost Hidden Cost
The price of the recovery charter service In the case of onward schedules, the risk of knock-on delays is high if an AOG isn’t rectified rapidly
Maintenance related costs (if aircraft is grounded due to a part or component) Extended parking costs / airport charges for grounded aircraft
Compensation – EU regulation 261/2004 As per this regulation, passengers can seek up to €600 worth of compensation for any flight originating in the EU which is delayed over 3 hours
Crew overtime and accommodation due to grounded aircraft Additional payroll and staff expenses
Disgruntled passengers Reputational damage and punctuality statistics negatively affected
Minimal passenger compensation At a minimum, passengers are entitled to food and accommodation vouchers

Simply put, although the logistics of chartering an aircraft for the exclusive purpose of resolving an AOG situation comes at a price, it serves to combat the heftier combined costs of an untimely response to resolving the situation.

Although there are fixed costs for most of the items listed above, it is hard to calculate the cost of reputational damage and rebuilding customer loyalty, in an industry which has become increasingly cutthroat over the past two decades.

Adding value through innovation

The COVID-19 pandemic has driven people to think out of the box and charterAOG is no exception! Even though the industry is currently in reboot mode, there is a clear need for alternative transport for crew. With so many flights and routes affected, we can source appropriate aircraft to transport crew members from their base to their take-off destinations or vice-versa.

The high demand for cargo shipments during the pandemic has severely depleted available space on board cargo planes. charterAOG is at the forefront of providing creative alternatives to standard air freight options. Through our network, we can guarantee capacity on board, offer part-charter diversions and short notice solutions.

Reducing transit time is key in AOG situations. To achieve this, we’ve had instances where engineers travelled on board a cargo plane together with the part or we have dispatched two separate aircraft to assist in one AOG solution. In the past, we have even placed components on passenger aircraft, if that proves to be the fastest way to get the part to the stranded aircraft.

Every solution we offer is tailor made to your unique AOG requirement. Our specialists evaluate your current circumstances and draw up a feasible, effective, and cost-efficient response plan. We go above and beyond to ensure all projects entrusted to us are completed safely and exceed our clients’ expectations.

About charterAOG

charterAOG is an experienced and trusted air charter specialist that focuses solely on resolving AOG situations in the shortest time possible. Our years of experience in this niche sector, coupled with our 24/7/365 availability and our access to over 23,000 aircraft worldwide, have made charterAOG a go-to partner for some of the world’s leading airlines.

Once we receive a call for assistance, your AOG crisis becomes our top priority. Our sole aim is to resolve your AOG situation as soon as possible with a competitive, fast and innovative solution.

We speak your language. Talk to us today to discover how we can work together to add value to your operation.