AOG Service Providers – What attributes should you look out for?

This article was originally published August 3 2020 on our previous website, and has since been moved here.

In the midst of an AOG crisis, an airline’s AOG desk’s resources are exclusively focused on getting the grounded aircraft airborne again in the shortest time possible. When the resolution stage is reached, this highly specialised team of individuals simply has little time to compare AOG service providers and their respective quotations or USPs.

The impact of COVID-19

Although the demand for AOG resolution has taken a downturn due to the unprecedented effects COVID-19 has had on the aviation industry, we encourage airlines, MROs and OEMs to make use of this time to take stock of who’s who in the critical aerospace logistics niche.

At charterAOG, we believe that it is an opportune time to partner with an experienced, reliable and well-connected AOG charter specialist for busier times ahead.

Partnering with the right AOG charter specialist

At charterAOG, we believe that partnering with the same charter specialist time and again adds value to the resolution process due to:

1. Relationships

Working with the same organisation naturally lends itself to strong rapport being established.

2. Communication

As two organisations become familiar with one another, the communication process becomes smoother. You will know exactly who to talk to for your requirements, saving precious time.

3. Trust

Partnering successfully with the same charter specialist over a period of time forms the basis of trust and confidence.

4. Policies and procedures

Both organisations become familiar with their respective internal policies and procedures.

How to choose an AOG charter specialist

Our years of experience have taught us that no two AOG situations are alike and each response plan is tailor-made for each unique scenario in the shortest timeframe. That’s why at charterAOG, we encourage the aerospace and aviation industries to look for the following attributes in their AOG service provider:

1. Proven experience

Rather than accepting claims on face value, dig a little deeper when choosing an AOG service provider to collaborate with over a long-term period. Be sure that they indeed have the experience required to perform efficiently and to high standards.

A simple Google search for “jet charter” or “air cargo charter” is a common way for organisations to source an aircraft when they require an air charter solution. More often than not, this is not the right approach to take when locating an experienced AOG charter specialist. Online search engines will only display results of companies who spend the most on digital marketing, and in no way reflects the level of experience or capability required to coordinate a complex AOG charter operation.

We are the only true AOG charter specialist in the industry. When you contact charterAOG, you will talk to proven specialists who:

  1. fully understand AOG operations,
  2. have worked in the airline and charter sector for decades,
  3. understand the technical language associated with an AOG,
  4. have access to over 23K immediately available aircraft,
  5. provide transparent solutions with your AOG in mind.

2. Well-connected

Whatever the industry, a strong, professional network can have a hugely positive impact. This is especially true in the niche AOG resolution sector, where every second counts and connections often make all the difference.

3. 24/7/365 availability

Aviation doesn’t stop and neither should your chosen AOG service provider. Choose a team who are available via multiple channels 24/7/365 and who are happy to attend to your crisis whenever and wherever it occurs.

Whatever time of day or night you need charterAOG’s assistance and irrespective of whether your requirement is for cargo or passenger/s, our clients talk to the same charterAOGDESK contact throughout their every communication with us, regardless of the aircraft type or nature of flight required. This avoids the unnecessary delays which occur when being passed around different sales departments or offices.

4. Commitment

Determination and commitment are key traits of a successful AOG service provider. Additionally, they should have the industry knowledge to present a feasible, effective, and cost-efficient response plan to resolve the client’s AOG crisis in the shortest time possible. At charterAOG, we ensure that we provide our clients with the best solution based on speed and cost, every time they engage our services.

5. Access to alternative aircraft

The process of resolving AOG situations promptly typically involves transporting crew, components or specialised engineers to the location of the stranded aircraft (you can read more about this topic in our article entitled: Aircraft on Ground: Exploring the causes of this logistical challenge).

Whatever our clients require to resolve their AOG situation, be it cargo (a component or a part) a passenger (replacement crew or an engineer) or both, charterAOG has access to the right aircraft for both passengers and cargo, even transporting them in the one aircraft if possible.

charterAOG has immediate access to a large database of readily available aircraft, ranging from executive jets and small turboprops to large freighters and outsized air transporters, primed for AOG response.

About charterAOG

charterAOG is an experienced and trusted air charter specialist that focuses solely on resolving AOG situations in the shortest time possible. Our years of experience in this niche sector, coupled with our 24/7/365 availability and our access to over 23,000 aircraft worldwide, have made charterAOG a go-to partner for some of the world’s leading airlines.

Once we receive a call for assistance, your AOG crisis becomes our top priority. Our sole aim is to resolve your AOG situation as soon as possible with a competitive, fast and innovative solution.

We speak your language. Talk to us today to discover how we can work together to add value to your operation.