charterAOG is 26AVIATION’s signature aerospace product, an industry-leading solution purposely designed to help reduce aircraft downtime by providing a highly specialised yet simple on-demand charter service for every type of AOG situation.

Engineers on a private jet? Spare parts on a cargo aircraft, or even full engine transportation? When every minute is costing you money, not knowing where to turn for the right assistance can be frustrating. Thanks to charterAOG, this uncertainty is now a thing of the past.

Our unique 24/7 AOG Desk grants airlines guaranteed access to experts who understand the urgency, technicality and significance of an AOG situation. With years of experience in resolving AOGs promptly, creatively, and effectively, our outstanding service levels combine the meticulous attention to detail of a project forwarder with the global reach of a broker and the technical expertise of a charter airline

Your AOG, our priority

AOGs are an unpredictable, challenging, and costly reality that airlines face from time to time. There are many factors that may ground an aircraft such as failed parts or components that require replacement, professional support from an aircraft engineer, or the need for replacement crew due to sudden illness or crew duty limitations.

Whatever is stopping the aircraft from taking to the skies, rest assured that charterAOG has the expertise and knowledge to get the aircraft, or its crew flight ready in the shortest time possible. From remote islands to polar conditions, no location is too far or too challenging for us to resolve your AOG.  

your aog

Delivering what you need, when you need it

We think innovatively when providing clients with AOG resolution support.  From small parts and components, to complete engines, to transporting replacement crew to the stranded aircraft’s location, the world’s leading airlines entrust charterAOG to provide total aircraft solutions in response to their AOG crisis.

We have immediate access to 50,000 on-demand charter aircraft that are ready to transport the necessary components or personnel to any location worldwide. From small turboprops to outsized freighters, we always offer the most appropriate and cost-effective solution for your AOG mission.

We speak your language

Through our years of experience resolving AOGs for many of the world’s leading airlines, our team has garnered significant experience in this niche sector of the aerospace industry. We are proud to say that we speak your language and we implicitly understand the urgency with which to approach an AOG situation.

Transparent communication is a core value for us. We understand that inaccurate information has disruptive effects on an airline’s fleet planning efforts. This is why our team of AOG experts is committed to providing clear and correct information throughout the course of every AOG mission.

Our ultimate goal aligns with yours. Solving the problem, reducing the aircraft’s downtime, and helping to reach serviceability as quickly as possible.

Our reputation

The solutions we deliver are based on only the most reputable charter airlines who are well-known and respected within the air charter sector. We only work with providers that are experienced in commercially operated, go-now charter scenarios thereby bolstering the quality and reliability of an AOG operation.

The safety of the passengers and cargo on board is of paramount importance to us. We ensure that every aircraft and flight adhere to the highest international safety and compliance standards.


Available 24/7/365, our team is ready and available to respond to your call for assistance. We promise that a dedicated account manager will be with you every step of the way, from the start of a mission to its successful completion.

Our clients also benefit from: 

  • Unrivalled experience in AOG response
  • Access to 50,000 on-demand charter aircraft
  • An expert who will keep you informed of each milestone during the charter flight
  • A highly simplified and straightforward booking process
  • A single telephone number and email address used for all communication with us
  • Carbon offsetting initiative powered by Vertis Environmental Finance

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