carbon offsetting

Contributing to the fight against climate change

There is no doubt that the aviation industry has had a hugely positive impact on international trade, economic growth and technological advancements in the aerospace field. On the other hand, the release of carbon emissions into the atmosphere has had an undeniably negative impact upon the environment, leading to the global climate change crisis that is taking place right before our eyes.

Our carbon offsetting initiative

With our clients’ support, we believe that we can mitigate the impact that charter flights have on our environment, by using a tailor made carbon emissions reporting tool designed by ICAO and supported by our partners, Vertis Environmental Finance.

By inputting the aircraft type, the route and the flight time, this powerful software is able to calculate estimated CO2 emissions of specific charter flights, on behalf of our clients. Clients are then given the opportunity to offset the estimated emissions through purchasing carbon credits

If you would like to join 26AVIATION in its carbon offsetting initiative or simply learn more about it, please contact us and we’ll be happy to walk you through the finer details of this initiative.

carbon offsetting
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We pledge to make a difference

Wherever possible, 26AVIATION pledges to: 

    • Encourage the procurement and use of modern, fuel efficient aircraft. 
    • Reduce empty positioning flights whenever possible. 
    • Avoid unnecessary empty ferry sectors through an hourly standby rate. 
    • Collaborate with environmentally conscious third party providers.
    • Voluntarily offset all charter flight emissions by 2025. 
    • Become a certified carbon neutral business by 2025.

Carbon offsetting projects

Through our partnership with Vertis Environmental Finance we have chosen two award winning conservation projects in Eastern and Central Africa.  Although having one of the most diverse ecologies on the planet, the African continent has long suffered the effects of deforestation, illegal poaching, civil unrest and a severe lack of funding.

The projects we have chosen to sponsor are driven by Wildlife Works, a reputable wildlife conservation company.  Read more about these incredible projects here: