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Dedicated cargo charters offer the ultimate flexibility in freight logistics solutions. Regardless of the shape, size, or urgency of the shipment, 26AVIATION is uniquely poised to offer clients quick and reliable air charter solutions to any destination worldwide, from regular freight hubs to remote or hostile locations. 

Available 24/7/365, our charter specialists are on hand to offer creative aircraft solutions best suited to deliver your goods. From small parts meeting critical supply chain deadlines or last-minute shipments that are too large for conventional freight lanes, to outsized components requiring special freight aircraft, we can recommend bespoke options including unconsidered or alternative routes to deliver your cargo in the fastest way possible.

From small turboprops to large freighters to outsized air transporters, we have access to crewed, flight-ready aircraft that are primed for round-the-clock global cargo charter operations.

Supporting global, time critical supply chains

For decades, we have been relied upon to deliver time-sensitive, crucial and sometimes life-saving goods and equipment around the world. We offer cargo charter solutions that are:

  • On-demand: we offer our customers the complete flexibility of arranging an aircraft when they need it, regardless of time, day, or week. 
  • Fast: charters are on-demand and deliver your cargo closer to its final destination, which is one of the reasons why our solutions offer the fastest delivery available.
time critical
  • Cost-effective: with airline relationships lasting decades, our buying power allows us to offer industry-leading pricing which is always passed on to you.
  • Expertly managed: your cargo charter will be handled by one of the most experienced teams in the industry, ensuring it arrives safely, securely, and on schedule.
  • Available 24/7: We understand that aviation is a 24/7 business. Our specialists offer total and complete coverage, around-the-clock, day and night.

26AVIATION Cargo Services

26AVIATION is an AOG response charter specialist, which is why we are proud to offer charterAOG, our own in-house AOG Desk dedicated to resolving Aircraft on Ground (AOG) situations.

With unmatched AOG capability and experience, we offer total aircraft solutions to deliver parts, components and personnel to grounded aircraft in the fastest time possible. Timing is everything within the aerospace sector and charterAOG plays a major role in limiting aircraft downtime and knock-on delays with its bespoke, rapid response service.

From small components or engineers, through to full aircraft engines or outsized components, our specialist team is available 24/7/365 to assist in the prompt resolution of any AOG situation.

Our customers include some of the world’s leading low-cost, charter and flag carriers as well as major aerospace and engine manufacturers. For more information about our expertise in this niche area please visit our AOG page

your aog

We live in unprecedented times. The global coronavirus pandemic of 2020 caused the highest demand for air freight capacity the world has ever seen. So much so that passenger aircraft were converted into temporary preighters to meet the extreme demand of governments, NGOs and pharmaceutical companies around the world, rushing to deliver life-saving medical supplies and personal protective equipment (PPE).

26AVIATION was and is active in providing innovative and quick-thinking cargo charter solutions related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our specialists are problem-solvers who can adapt to any major global event, no matter how extreme.

For creative solutions including freighter charters, preighter charters or any other charter or part-charter solution that can offer guaranteed capacity please get in touch.


Whether it’s heavy and outsized valves, time-critical drilling equipment, dangerous goods, radioactive material, chemicals, or any other energy related cargo, 26AVIATION can provide aircraft of all types to suit your needs, ranging from light turbo-props and private jets through to freighters and outsized transporters.

Regardless of the destination, our charter team works closely with specialist air carriers to provide bespoke and creative solutions to carry your cargo with the highest level of care and attention, no matter how remote or hostile the environment you are working in.

oil and gas

Are you facing a line stoppage situation where components are urgently required 1,000 miles away at a car plant? Are you facing severe financial penalties if the components are not delivered within a pre-agreed deadline that conventional supply chains will not reach?

26AVIATION holds significant experience within the automotive air charter sector, ranging from time-critical ‘go-now’ line stoppage charters to prototype vehicles and car plant manufacturing equipment.

Whether on an ad-hoc basis or a multiple flight programme, our charter team can provide aircraft of all types, ranging from light turbo-props and private jets that can be deployed in as little as 1 hour, through to freighters and outsized transporters carrying heavy, dense or awkward loads such as gearboxes, moulds or chassis.


Few things are more time critical than delivering aid in response to a humanitarian crisis. Clothing, water, food and medical supplies are some of the relief goods that are airlifted around the world during a natural disaster, famine or major geopolitical event.

Our charter specialists react quickly and effectively during a humanitarian crisis, coordinating all aspects of the emergency operation, from the securing of traffic rights and aircraft offloading in highly complex circumstances, to providing on-site flight manager representation.

Our global reach has made the swift deployment of humanitarian aid possible in some of the world's most remote regions and areas suffering from the effects of man-made or natural disasters. 


The specialists at 26AVIATION are experienced in the restrictions and regulations that surround the shipping of dangerous or hazardous goods by air. Our clients rely on our knowledge to safely dispatch such shipments to their end destination, ensuring smooth transition and delivery. 

Our experience has seen us transport hazardous, explosive, radioactive and corrosive material across a broad spectrum of industries such as the energy, aerospace, medical and entertainment sectors.

We can also assist with the completion of any documentation that may be required by official authorities, via our carefully selected logistics partners.

dangerous goods

There is no quicker way to ship out-of-gauge cargo than on an outsized air transporter that is fully dedicated to your consignment. From aerospace or oil & gas equipment, maritime or automotive equipment, to PPE and humanitarian cargo or even full vehicles, we will ensure that the utmost care and attention is paid throughout the flight, from the careful loading and offloading process to specific in-flight details such as load planning or pressurisation requirements.

Once the weight, dimensions and nature of the heavy cargo are established, the 26AVIATION team can advise which aircraft is best suited for the mission. 

outsized cargo

We understand that sometimes a full aircraft charter may not always be the best solution when transporting time-critical or sensitive cargo. That is why when clients approach us with cargo that is both time-critical, highly valuable and/or sensitive, we also offer the option of an on board courier (OBC) to transport and travel alongside your shipment. When a charter is deemed unnecessary, using a hand-carry serves to add an extra layer of safety to the timely delivery of your cargo regardless of its worldwide destination.

Talk to us today about securing an OBC who is ready to accompany your shipment to its destination, worldwide. The couriers we provide are in possession of all required Visas as standard, as well as any other travel documentation that may be required.


Express Air Freight & Part-Charter Solutions are suitable when transporting components across continents or between major hubs where capacity is greater, however we can also arrange scheduled air freight diversions so that a component can be delivered to a non-scheduled destination airport.

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