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26AVIATION’s headquarters is located at the iconic Airport House which was part of the world-famous Croydon Airport that served Britain in both war and peace. During the pioneering years of commercial air travel of the 1920s and 1930s Croydon was one of the world’s major international airports. Going on to become a significant centre for innovation in aviation – providing many milestone ‘firsts’ and developments that built the foundations of today’s global air transport network.

Croydon Airport is known for many firsts in civil aviation, such as:

  • UK’s first international airport.

  • The world’s first air traffic control tower.

  • UK’s first customs facility.

  • The world’s first departure board.

  • The world’s first airport hotel.

  • The first use of the term ‘Mayday’.

The magnificent Terminal Building, opened in 1928, set a new standard for air travel and it was the world’s biggest and most advanced airport. Croydon Airport hung up its pilots’ hat in 1959 and in 1978 the Terminal Building and Gate Lodge were awarded Grade II Listing.

26AVIATION is incredibly proud of the history of Airport House and welcomes any of its customers, suppliers or partners to pay us a visit and experience an iconic piece of aviation history.