Group charters

Whether your group charter is for business, pleasure, entertainment, or crisis situations, 26AVIATION has access to commercial aircraft ranging from regional turboprops to full scale airliners, to suit the group size and expectations of the passengers on board. 

While you dictate the route and agenda, the 26AVIATION team is on hand to safely and seamlessly coordinate the entire schedule from start to finish, ensuring your trip exceeds all expectations. From airport transfers to accommodation bookings, airport handling and landing slots, we will manage every aspect of the charter flight itinerary.

Complete customisation of the entire journey comes as standard, from bespoke check-in experiences and branded cabin designs to tailored in-flight services, custom catering and on-site representation, will make your group charter a truly memorable experience for all on board. 


Group charters offer the ultimate customisation options for travellers, irrespective of group size. The advantages of short notice bookings, round the clock assistance, unlimited airport pairings and bespoke schedules are just a few of the perks that group charter clients enjoy. 

It has been well documented that COVID-19 has greatly affected commercial travel with route disruptions, long delays, and flight cancellations being the “new normal”. Many of these inconveniences are eliminated when engaging 26AVIATION to manage your group charter. 

Every group charter flight that 26AVIATION is entrusted with, comes with the option to enjoy the following benefits: 

smart way

  • Dedicated check-in area, which can also be branded and customised. 
  • Private VIP terminals offering the ultimate in privacy and security. 
  • Full branding services ranging from custom headrests to full aircraft livery. 
  • In-flight services that can be tailored for a more personalised journey.
  • Fully customised flight itinerary based around your specific needs.
  • Completely tailored seating options including economy, business and VIP configurations.
  • Financially viable solutions based on large group travel bookings
  • The security that the charter flight is being arranged by seasoned aviation experts.


Commercial travel has been disrupted dramatically since the arrival of COVID-19. Fears of contracting the coronavirus have sent confidence levels plummeting and these fears are magnified for many who choose or need to fly. Contagious touchpoints at the airport and on board a scheduled flight are staggeringly high. Organising a group charter can reduce these to a degree due to the following strategies which 26AVIATION incorporates into every group charter: 

  • The aircraft is completely sanitized before group boarding using approved disinfectants.
  • All the passengers on board are known to each other, ensuring track & trace capability.
  • Crew in flight precautions such as additional hygiene methods and social distancing.
  • Group luggage does not come into contact with third party luggage at any point 
  • A dedicated check-in aisle and ground transport is organised for your group.
  • VIP terminal availability at selected airports, minimising touchpoints.
  • The level of PPE used (such as visors or masks) is based on your preference.

Each strategy serves to limit contact with third parties, both on board and at the airport, so as to minimise the risk of contracting the virus whilst in transit. 

All strategies are complemented by a full, pre-flight COVID-19 risk analysis performed by 26AVIATION reviewing all mandatory & advisory guidelines.


26AVIATION Group Charter

  • Evacuation Flights
  • Repatriation Flights
  • Sports
  • Government
  • Musicians / Bands on Tour
  • MICE
  • Tour Operators

In times of crisis, you can depend on the 24/7 support of 26AVIATION’s expert team. With you every step of the way, we can source the right aircraft for your evacuation requirements, ensuring maximum safety to your passengers in highly complex and challenging circumstances.

Our experienced staff are adept at arranging charters to the most remote and hostile environments in the world, ensuring that your evacuation procedure runs as smoothly as possible, no matter the location. 
Serving both governments and multinational corporations, our chartered evacuation flights are designed to respond promptly to your crisis situation, wherever it may occur. 


The COVID-19 pandemic brought about the organisation of many repatriation flights as airlines struggled to keep up with demand. Governments turned to air charter providers, such as 26AVIATION for support in repatriating individuals to their home countries in the midst of a global health crisis. 

Our 24/7/365 availability and experience in responding swiftly to emergency situations proved invaluable to delivering timely air charter solutions to governments around the globe.


Big sporting events are held all over the world and teams need to arrive at their destinations on time and, most importantly, in top form. Our dedicated staff are experts at organising group charters for the most demanding teams and their entourages. 

VIP charter options can also be incorporated into sport group charters such as the provision of VIP airliners arranged in full business class configuration, VIP airport transfers, VIP check-in and a VIP terminal can be secured for the privacy and comfort of the team. Why not up the team’s morale by decking the aircraft out in the team’s colours and emblems?

man united

Whether the itinerary involves one, two or multiple destinations, 26AVIATION can guide government departments on how best to organise a diplomatic or government official tour. VIP charter options can also be incorporated into government charters such as the provision of VIP airliners arranged in full business class configuration, additional security personnel, as well as VIP terminals which can be secured for maximum security and privacy. 

Talk to us about your expectations for such a trip and we will advise the most appropriate aircraft for your mission. 


Like sporting events, concerts and music festivals are held the world over and host some of the most talented musicians and bands, many of whom travel with their instruments and other delicate equipment. More often than not, musicians also have support staff and their rigging equipment travelling alongside them. 

26AVIATION’s specialists are able to organise group charters to one or multiple destinations with the possibility of incorporating VIP options to enhance the overall travel experience. These could include full business class configured aircraft cabins, VIP airport transfers, VIP check-in and a VIP terminal for the privacy and security of our client/s. 

26AVIATION’s staff have been involved in some of the most high profile world tours covering commercial, private and cargo aircraft operations. Talk to us today to learn more.



MICE – Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Events 

Corporations frequently organise trips for business, and sometimes pleasure, for employees. Whether staff need to travel overseas for an industry event, conference, product launch, meeting or incentive, 26AVIATION can arrange the right size aircraft for your group. 

Rest assured that every aspect of the trip, from airport transfers to check-in formalities will be taken care of by our dedicated team, ensuring your staff are energised for their work commitments. During incentive trips, we can brand the aircraft to match the theme of the incentive itself, immersing your employees into the incentive experience from take-off.


Whether your tour is for 50 or 500 passengers, 26AVIATION can source the right aircraft to fly your passengers to their next holiday destination. Aircraft livery and branding on board is available at your request and in-flight services can be tweaked according to group preferences. 

Let us handle everything related to the aircraft, while you focus on delivering a holiday worth remembering to all those travelling.


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