Private Jets

Tailormade travel to suit your requirements 

Private jet charters are all about you. Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, our dedicated team can meet your demands, ensuring your entire journey runs seamlessly from start to finish.  

Light, mid-size, super-mid or heavy jet? Our on-demand, luxury aircraft are primed to fly you to a business meeting in Geneva, a ski weekend in Aspen or a family holiday in the Caribbean. Whenever and wherever you need to go, we’ll be there.

Let us take care of you

Private jet travel is tailored around your needs and our specialised team is happy to accommodate every request, down to the most specific detail. From departure times to personalised on board catering, you are in control of every aspect of your journey. 

Private jet travel allows more locations to depart from or arrive at than the options provided by commercial travel, granting you the ability to choose the most convenient airports for the purpose of your trip. 

The sky is the limit; you can even choose from an array of tailored-made VIP catering choices and what type of entertainment you would like to experience on board.  Your pets are more than welcome to travel with you, and we’ll prepare their favourite meal too! 

Quite simply, we can accommodate a multitude of special requests to make your trip absolutely unforgettable.

Flexibility and peace of mind

Living with COVID-19 has impacted the ease at which we carry out our daily lives.  Commercial travel has been greatly affected by the pandemic due to route disruptions and cancellations. Many people, who were once avid travellers are now thinking twice about boarding aircraft due to fears of contracting the virus through the many contagious touchpoints that exist both at the airport and on board. 

Chartering a private jet has many advantages in today’s uncertain times and statistically offers the safest alternative for reaching your destination.  

Booking your private jet through 26AVIATION guarantees that:

  • The other passengers on board (if any) are known to you 
  • The jet is completely sanitized after every flight 
  • Getting through the airport is simple and involves only yourself, the other passengers you are flying with (if any) and the most limited contact possible with airport officials 
  • Your luggage does not come into contact with those belonging to third parties  
  • You are in control of how much (or how little) contact you want with the crew
  • Wearing PPE (such as a mask or visor) is your decision 

26AVIATION Private Jets

Chartering a private jet for your friends or family is the pinnacle of luxury, offering an unrivalled travel experience for all passengers. Historically reserved for the wealthiest among us, private travel has become much more accessible in recent years due to creative pricing options and empty leg availability. 

Enjoy the ample space on board, the first-class service and the unrestricted luggage allowance that private jet passengers enjoy.  With on-demand departure times and a wide choice of airports wherever you are flying to, chartering a private jet gives you luxury, convenience, choice and safety in one neat package.

Safety has always been of utmost importance for 26AVIATION and especially now considering the global pandemic. Contagious touchpoints are drastically reduced when travelling on board a private jet, significantly limiting one’s chances of contracting the virus during a journey. 

The demands of overseeing multinational business lend themselves to the benefits of chartering private jets as and when they are needed. Our on-demand chartering service gives clients access to a wide range of jets to accommodate small and large groups of individuals. 

We understand that time is money in the business world and our round the clock service respects that. With departure times chosen by clients to suit their unique needs and a wider range of airports to ensure the shortest route to your final destination, chartering a private jet is the ultimate way to get the most out of your precious time while on business trips.

Commercial travel has been drastically impacted by COVID-19 and so many airlines have had to make changes to their route destinations and flight frequencies.  

Because of this, employees who use airlines for commuting purposes are experiencing difficulties getting to their workplaces. A rising number of corporations are turning to private jet chartering as their go-to method of transportation to move rotational staff from one country to another.  This applies, but is not limited to, employees in the mining, energy, finance, fishing, aviation and agricultural industries. 

Staff safety is also a major concern for employers and by chartering a private jet for employees, the chances of them contracting the Coronavirus are significantly lower when compared to commercial air travel.  


We can provide you with an unforgettable service at a competitive price. The satisfaction of our clients means everything to us, and we will go above and beyond to make your trip comfortable, accommodating any special requirements you may have.  Get in touch with our team today to learn more.

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