What is the value of a Charter Broker?

The value of a Charter Broker: A specialist skill set delivering cost-savings, risk mitigation and predictable reliability to aircraft chartering. 

From a commercial and operational standpoint, brokers will have a distinct advantage over forwarders to be able to supply the correct aircraft to the exact specification required. This is because brokers will possess significant knowledge and expertise to study the requirements of the client and therefore source an appropriate aircraft based on the client’s needs. This, with buying power through operator relationships, will significantly save clients precious time and money. Furthermore, charter brokers will constantly research their portfolio of airlines to ensure safety and financial stability is present.

In addition, brokers will significantly mitigate financial risk for the client by not only sourcing the aircraft but organising handling agents, checking local NOTAMS and weather, processing permits and applications as well as creating a Plan-B in case any unforeseen circumstances arise.